Houston, Texas
We can show you how to turn your yard into a birdfeeding habitat that brings song, color and life to your home.

Winter in Houston

American Goldfinch breeding plumage 

American Goldfinches at Nyjer feeders.  Pine Warblers, Orange-crowned Warblers, Yellow-rumped Warblers visit suet feeders.  Multiple pairs of Northern Cardinals mingle in your backyard.  White-throated Sparrows and Chipping Sparrows search the ground for seeds that have spilled from feeders. Yellow-bellied Sapsuckers drill rows of holes in the trees.  Northern Flickers search the ground for ants.  Eastern Phoebes watch for insects and bob their tails while perched.  These are just some of the things that make winter in Houston a wonderful time to observe birds. Many species of birds call Houston home for the winter.    

We've heard Houston weather described in this way - "Hot and not as hot!"  While we don't have the cold temperatures and snowfall many other areas have, we do get our share of cold nights and rainy weather.  These conditions can be hard on the birds.  Providing high energy foods such as suet, peanuts and oil sunflower can help the birds survive harsh winter conditions.  

Come in and let us know what you're seeing in your yard!  We can give you tips on how to provide for the birds this winter.


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